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How many of the original 36 Fathers of Confederation were actually fathers, and how many children did they have?

Which of the following are NOT Canadian inventions?

How many people have been sentenced to death in Canada, and how many of them were actually executed?

What Canadian connection do Cuba’s centavos, New Guinea’s toea, Columbia’s peso and Norway’s kroner coins share?

How many times would you have to empty Lake Ontario in order to fill Lake Superior?

Where does the Ottawa River rank among Canada’s longest rivers?

How many NHL rinks would it take to span its length?

Approximately how many Canadian-born Japanese were placed in internment camps in the 1940s?

With an area of just over 55,000 square kilometres, Nunavut’s Devon Island is the 27th-largest island in the world. What is its population density? (As a comparative aid, metro Ottawa’s population density is just under 200 people per square kilometre)

The recent Ottawa sinkhole measured approximately 40m x 20m x 5.5m, for an estimated volume of 44,000 cubic metres. Approximately how many times larger was Canada’s deadliest sinkhole, which swallowed 35 homes, a bus and several cars, and claimed 31 lives, in St-Jean-Vianney, Que. in 1971?

On Oct. 6, 1909, Vancouver’s first mechanized ambulance was taken out for its inaugural drive. What was so remarkable about that occasion?

Who, upon completing a tour of the Buckminster Fuller-designed U.S. pavilion at Montreal’s Expo 67, allegedly said: “The homosexuals have had carte blanche”?

How many times larger than Ottawa is Prince Edward Island?

Toronto’s Michael “The Joggler” Kapral holds the Guinness world record for running the fastest full marathon while juggling three balls (and chewing gum, although that’s not part of the record). How long did it take him? (By way of reference, Ethiopian Dino Sefir won this year’s Ottawa Race Weekend marathon in two hours, eight minutes and 13.8 seconds)

Rank these donut shops from oldest to youngest: Country Style, Coffee Time, Robin’s Donuts, Tim Hortons.

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